The buzzard in higher resolution (original uncompressed) video

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Tiny Toad'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Mr Cruisedog on watch'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
My Vixen

YIPPY I OH ... (The sad tale of Boozing Bird Blue)

Mr Cruisedog in his bunk bed


A rare photo of Preconderotous - which this site is named after. Everyone told me that I 'couldn't' name a chihuahua that but it was meant to be. He answered to 'Precon' and his son had half his name - De Rotous ... so long ago has been their passing, but his name lives on for all to see ...

Strange that Vimeo/YouTube vids ALWAYS work embed. in side panel, but not Blogger!


Saturday 17 May 2008

Wednesday at the Berry Head Hotel with South Hams

An 'interesting' experience. An extremely rare excursion for your beloved Pillock to another hash. The effort was made, however, to support (My Local Sheriff) our raiding party to promote upcoming 1234 Weekend.

*NB Before I forget, the trail was very well laid indeed and I enjoyed what I did of it!

To spare you an extended essay, here are the bare elements of the exercise:

Arrived early.....'explored' (hash busting) 40 mins /loosened up took turn for the worse......South Hams arrived......about 20 of them/a dozen of us......very strange being at a different circle/felt uneasy.....intended repairing directly to bar, but....Flowery good company and actually got me running for a out to nearly farthest point but forced to abort as achilles started to tighten.....legged it back down the tarmac lane, unaware that it was taking me away from the Berry Head....20 mins later, getting very wet/achilles locking up....getting worried...asked three different people how to get to the Berry Head Hotel, but every time it got farther away.....desperate now as I could hardly walk/dragging right leg along sideways.....
then...BEEP BEEP white van draws alongside and there's Cinderfella! He had just finished a job in Brixham and had spotted the Pillock weaving erratically along the road. Going way out of his way, Cinders gave me a lift back to the Hotel........and I was still a long way off, don't know how I would have got back without him, thanks 'ol son.

As I 'interesting' evening, but one I won't be repeating......

Postscript: At the downdowns (half pints!) and though my disaster was well documented....not a sausage (or even a mention) ......and to add insult to injury, a spare half pint went to a hasher who had sat at the bar all evening......sigh Thanks again Cinderfella.

TVH3 'weirdoes' May 14th

Yes, it is a South Hams May 14th patient and you will spot a South Hams hasher at the end of the video being given the hard sell by Melon Picker.....and as you can probably see, we got wet on Wednesday....

Thursday 15 May 2008

Rampant awards to May 12th

With you when I get back from pub, lads....

Try to include couple of 'TVH3 with South Hams' videos yesterday....

El Magnifico... video May 12th and new upload record

Bang goes our image as a family May 12th

"I need your money!" video May 12th

Let's be careful out there, May 12th

Number 2 and May 12th

Quick, let's run, there's the May 12th

Doris, Gazunder and May 12th

Longest video upload so May 12th...

..and it's successful...enjoy

Cinders and Lurch... video May 12th


Monday 16th June instructions

To whom it may concern!

The TVH3 Hash for 16 June will be from the Combestore Tor car park (Dartmoor).
Which is at O.S. grid ref 670718, or just past Venford Reservoir for the uneducated.
The On Down will be at the Exeter Inn, West st, Ashburton. The main town car park is just behind the pub.
My contact No. is 07950025182 for anyone who gets lost. (better still call Dartmoor Rescue)

On On


Wednesday 14 May 2008

Blogger can't process video at the moment....

...It uploads but then an hour later it cannot we are stuck! If the problem persists, we'll have to revert back to extrapolated stills from the stream......sorry, but you have been spoilt lately, haven't you....

Time has flown...

...while I've been evaluating my Sanyo video software's size/scope is remarkable. Should now be able to extract digital stills from footage much more easily and on the PC rather than squint at the tiny LCD display on the camcorder. But all this takes time my petulant penguins.....I know you're impatient (as always) to see the goodies straight away....

Hope to make the South Hams hash later today though there is an evening meeting at Perth on ATR and I do have to work for a living......more video streaming later.....

"You naughty hashers.." video May 12th

"Are you sure there's no mud?" video May 12th....

...and why this is asked will become apparent later....

Monday 12 May 2008

We'll all gather at the May 12th....

...the beautiful, the beautiful the river....

Meet the hare and mystery May 12th

54 video clips taken May 12th

Give me a chance...I'm processing them as fast as I can.......could be some good stuff....

From the top of Telegraph Hill route.....follow black line downwards...

Click on the map to get full screen! All this malarky 'cos I 'lost' Rambo's proper map....sigh

"If I close my eyes, I can dream.....

...we are somewhere else....!" (Don't blame me, Honeydew, it's a Cindercaption!)

Sunday 11 May 2008

Flip Flop replies to Melon Picker's kind words....

Melon Picker

Thanks for your kind words, they meant so much to me as I sat through another 90 minutes of hell at Wembley yesterday.

However, watch out, you're only as good as your next game.

None the less, good luck next week

Flip Flop






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