The buzzard in higher resolution (original uncompressed) video

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Tiny Toad'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Mr Cruisedog on watch'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
My Vixen

YIPPY I OH ... (The sad tale of Boozing Bird Blue)

Mr Cruisedog in his bunk bed


A rare photo of Preconderotous - which this site is named after. Everyone told me that I 'couldn't' name a chihuahua that but it was meant to be. He answered to 'Precon' and his son had half his name - De Rotous ... so long ago has been their passing, but his name lives on for all to see ...

Strange that Vimeo/YouTube vids ALWAYS work embed. in side panel, but not Blogger!


Saturday 31 May 2008

A case of mistaken identity? May 26th

There's an issue with the larger video clips.... that if for example the internet connection is lost, even for a few seconds, the upload is halted and won't restart. Therefore, for the moment, it makes sense to keep the video size around 15 Mb which is about 15 minutes upload time (for me, with a ruddy slow 1.1 Mbs per minute speed)...

Flossie May 26th

Blaster 'knot' May 26th

Blaster 'knot' May 26th

Smash did it with May 26th

A waste of May 26th

Sorry about lack of posts....

...for Friday, just got back from Able's Birthday Bash at Buckland. Really good do and everyone had a smashing time, thanks Karen for a terrific evening...though the achilles has gone again...can't think why....Winfield and Hovel Annie assisted me to my chariot, nodding sadly. Lovely to see Ballpoint and we are still trying to persuade her to come along for a couple of our hashes.

We'll get the downdowns from the Rising Sun later today......yes, really! Sorry again.

Friday 30 May 2008

Be back later with the start of the downdowns... the Rising Sun on the 26th....


Blaster about to be awarded a downdown for his gate escapade....

Thursday 29 May 2008

Hey, nice ace, Miss Pork May 26th

Poor little vice May 26th

Archangel, Hi Di Hi and May 26th

The longs May 26th

Weather turns nasty, May 26th Champers Stop

We've probably survived...

...and going to pub lad now......back later and must try the new software might just like it (unless you're the one in the picture)........

Poacher came, Poacher saw, Poacher May 26th


We've gone down big time here at CRUISEDOG TOWERS....getting this message off quick before internet connection goes again.....having to reinstall drivers....hope to be on later....if it works....

Wednesday 28 May 2008

One Million Years B.C. (1966)....a Bluebell video

...and the very bad news is that this is a preview vid clip taken from a Bluebell slot coming up soon....

'Champers stop' Part 3, "You're not going to drink ALL that.." May 26th

'Champers stop' Part 2 May 26th

'Champers stop' Part May 26th

Monty's first stile crossing and we didn't spot May 26th

Vast range of red May 26th

Blaster's not been 'ere May 26th

Our third virgin.....

...seen here negotiating a stile is Martine who heard about us from Rearender...she had to be up for work at 5 am the following morning, so her stay in the pub was somewhat short-lived....but I think she enjoyed the run as her last words were: "Just wait until I see Julie (Rearender)......."

Two of our virgins....

...out and about on the's Ronnie in the front and I'm sorry, didn't catch 'Thunderbirds are Go' name...they both saw our Hash from Broadhempston (Monks Retreat) the previous week and came along to see what it was all about.....they were a little dazed and bemused in the pub later, but I hope we made you welcome and if you recover from the shock, we may see you again....!

Blogger down in early hours of...

..this morning, so no uploads possible....I'll attempt to get Bluebell on a little later but I'm busy with rushing some Hash Notes for 'The Bugle' through to 'he who must be obeyed' at a certain 'Metcalfe's Estate Agents' somewhere in's Manpig's fault, the silly boy got his 'words' in early from the 26th and now I'm the only one 'missing'.....sigh

Tuesday 27 May 2008

A captive May 26th

"It's good in 'ere" May 26th

"It didn't work, did it!" May 26th

It's a bum May 26th

"Here they come" May 26th

Just got back in....

....more video clips from the Rising Sun en routey.....there's an awful lot of you out there, I don't want any trouble now.....and there is a persistent rumour going round that Bluebell will be on air in the early hours.....

'Runaway Bride' (1999) May 26th

The Wedding May 26th

"Can't stop the jo-o-olt" May 26th

"Are you feeling rampant?" May 26th

"Come and whisper in my ear" May 26th

...What, both at the SAME time...!

"HOW MUCH?" May 26th

Virgins are courteously May 26th

Wallies Inc., 3 virgins and "That's personal" May 26th

Had a bit of trouble uploading....

...hence only 5 clips in 78 mins.....plenty more later today after I've had some shuteye....
And there's been a request (only one, but I'm easily encouraged) for Bluebell to give a short, you fools, NOT a short dress.....of the hash at the Rising Sun for those who couldn't attend.....she'll consider it...if the fee is right....

*I hope you appreciate the trouble I've gone to making the video screen larger...

They love making an May 26th

A Monty surprise and what style? May 26th

You know the rule, May 26th

...never do films with children or animals....!

Zoom to the Rising May 26th

With legs like May 26th

Just got back....

...about 50 odd video clips taken on a good night at the Rising Sun.....starting processing now and drying out at the same time.....

Monday 26 May 2008


From Exeter: On the A38, pass the A383 junction for Newton Abbot. About 3 miles further on, at Alston Cross, take the Woodland and Denbury turning left. Continue past Parkers farm for a further 1½ miles. The Rising Sun is on the left.

Sunday 25 May 2008


It's possible we can increase some video window sizes ..... experimenting......
*Apparently we can now increase dramatically the window size....see 'A 'WHODUNNIT'' video at the bottom of this page.....I wonder if I can make them 'FULL SCREEN' ......

**Well, actually we can make video windows full screen, but the downside is that the grain in the film or pixellation becomes evident thus negating the benefits of enlargement. So for practical purposes, the A 'whodunnit' video is the largest we should go.

***The standard Blogger upload window size is approx 11 X 7cms....the maximum size to avoid overlapping the right hand sidebar is approx 15 X 9cms (same as header video)... If the template will take it (subject to crashing if you interfere too much with the html) we'll experiment with larger size windows from next promises now, but we'll risk it (and go as a biscuit...)

And now especially for Flip Flop.....

Exeter are in possession and seemingly well in control here...but....
...Torquay's full back comes in hard...
...and Exeter's star striker is robbed...
...what the hell happened then?
..Exeter's star striker recovers brilliantly though...

Chucking out May 19th

Pottsie's going for May 19th

Downdown BIG Badge for the the Great Hash God and with the restraints of driving removed by enforcibly enlisting Winfield, Pottsie only 'as a go 'Arry....(video specially enlarged for Pottsie)

"If anyone's interested..." May 19th






Uruguay dropped by on April 11th 2012, making 139 different flags!

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