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Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Tiny Toad'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Mr Cruisedog on watch'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
My Vixen

YIPPY I OH ... (The sad tale of Boozing Bird Blue)

Mr Cruisedog in his bunk bed


A rare photo of Preconderotous - which this site is named after. Everyone told me that I 'couldn't' name a chihuahua that but it was meant to be. He answered to 'Precon' and his son had half his name - De Rotous ... so long ago has been their passing, but his name lives on for all to see ...

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Saturday 17 November 2007

Jim Ryun: world record holder 1500 metres

There once was a runner called Ryun
Who, while running, kept on sighin'
He ran out his race
At a terrible pace
Then said: "I thought I was dyin'."

(copyright Jim Campbell)

Dave Wottle: Olympic 800 Gold 1972

There once was a runner called Wottle
Who, while running, got hit by a bottle
He staggered to his feet
And won by a street
Then said: "I was only on half throttle!"

(copyright Jim Campbell)

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We've gone green

Just as a change from 'Barbie' Pink. You either loved the pink or hated it. So rest your eyes on serene green for a while.....go on, you deserve it!

Now let's really rip it up....

Now twang your braces, we're taking off!

Now we're starting to move....

Now are you ready, baby....

Okay, let's do the bump....

Barnie's en routey....

I've seen some movers in my time.......but Barnie......words fail me....

The Cincinnati Kid (1965) now on TCM

My best quote from the film? 'Shooter' (Karl Malden: also went on to star alongside Michael Douglas in 'Streets of San Francisco' TV series 1972) to Eric Stoner (Steve McQueen.....the 'kid')......."I've been where I'm going." Love it. Runner up quote: 'You're just not ready for me yet...'

The Great Barnie dance sequence

Is being held over for tonight.......DO NOT MISS IT!

Capt. Birdseye!

It's all getting...

...a bit much for....

Don't worry, Speckled Hen is 4.5 abv...

...and not the old strength of 5.2 abv. Greene King reduced the strength after feedback and requests from regular drinkers (us hashers) who enjoyed the taste but found it just a tad too strong (knew they couldn't down more than one and drive home, more like).

Why am I telling you this? (I can now sense the hash heckling cry of: "GET ON WITH IT!")
'Cos that's what we've got in the barrel upstairs in the AGPU function suite for this Monday 19th November. I'll be able to tell you menu and prices tomorrow. I hope you miserable lot appreciate all this.....very soon most of you will take it for granted. Oh, and by the way, I thought you might like to see Mr Softie from behind the beer glass. No? Well Two Scoops would, so there.....

Friday 16 November 2007

Have you got any hash pics we can use?

You have been very patient my little disgruntled piglets, but the time is fast approaching when the doors of Cruisedog Towers ......sorry, forgot.......TVH3, will be open to you, the riff raff. Yes, we'll take pics and comments, stories, requests, complaints, anything you like. The Mismanagement will have the final say on which route is taken to post comments. May be raised at the AGPU (if anybody is still sober by then).

You can always send any pics (attachments) or comments to:

Got some more but.....

Remember, this is a family show, so the more adult content has been savaged by the censor. We just might be able to do a couple in The Bugle though, so nil desperandum my little pomegranate seeds.

Now the flash effects

Was right about the theme as Heidi shows us. Think that's Archangel centre?

It's warming up nicely

They've even got threesomes!

Don't worry Barnie and Blaster, I've blurred the image so you won't be recognised!

Pongo and Skidmark

We miss you girls, please come back!

The girls are having fun...

.....foreground left and Capt. Birdseye appears to be looking for a fight and being held back by McWot right background......I tell you, this was a blinding party!

You remember the Xmas party you weren't at....

....and we thought it was 2003? Well, who's this then Wigwam?

Smoking again Hi Di Hi?

This'll mean a smacked bottom!

Take me you fool....

...I'm yours!

You're all tired and drained after a hard week

So take your coat off, make yourself a nice cuppatea, unwind and when you've had your evening meal.....tune in for an evening to remember. I think I've found the mother lode......
More archive stills from the Chudleigh Christmas party......think the theme was 'School's Out'...
should start posting from 8. pm. If some pics disappear very means I've been censored by 'someone'.

Oh my god......


VERY rare picture

of Two Scoops as she hates to be caught on camera! Just for you Mr Softie.

Does this mean....

....we're going steady, Fallen Woman?

Rare Christmas party pic

Christmas Hash in Chudleigh , but what year?
left: Migman (St Trinians), top left: Floss, top centre: McWot, top right: Arbie and finally, front centre: Bobbiball (St Trinians)......bloody hell Bobby, you're plastered already!

I've told you to be careful about....

...that weak wrist!

What did I do right?

(photo courtesy of Winfield)

Can you speak up a bit, Fallen Woman...

....we can't quite hear you!
(I did warn you I had archive footage!)

Thursday 15 November 2007

Thanks Cinderfella for the pic

Finally got the pic/info courtesy of Cinderfella, thanks 'ol son.

Dawn, Colin, Amber and Cameron are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Phoebe Mae Witney Shepherd, weighing 6lbs 15.5 ozs at 9.37 am on Tuesday 6th November 2007. Fantastic news and many congratulations from all at TVH3.....I've got a tear in my eye, honest......

Hot boiler has new hasher!

Just heard from Flowery that Hot Boiler (Dawn) has given birth to baby girl just over a week ago.
Waiting for picture from Flowery......Steve - where the hell is it? e mail me at: quick! OR Deep Semen send me the pic quick!

You can print this off as ...

...a Christmas card, Teapot!

Just off up the Dumpling...

for a jar or two with Winfield and Flowery.....but 'I'll be back!' (The Terminator 1984)
And Pottsie and Bobbiball are at the Wolborough Inn, Newton Abbot (again? coincidence or what?) with the Pedal Bashers.

Be very afraid

I may have archive footage from as early as 2003, Christmas Parties and misc. Hash nights. Some extracted pics (you now know I have the technology, the capability of making the world's first bionic man, Steve Austin will be that man, we'll make him better, stronger,, bom, bom, bom.......) may have to be censored (e.g. the famous Hornie flash sequence prior to the DD Championships...yes, Hornie, I think I still have it!) stay tuned.....It's coming to a blog near you.....

At last! (a) Lease in our time!

A triumphant Hon. Sec. brandishes the lease to 'Cruisedog Towers'. "It was a tough negotiation," stated Wigwam, "but we think the lease is watertight." A tight-lipped McWot refused to be drawn on the specific financial details.

Wednesday 14 November 2007

Cruisedog's laughing all the way to the bank!

TVH3 have now leased Cruisedog Towers for an undisclosed amount and will be moving key Mismanagement personnel in with effect from tomorrow, Thursday 15th November. The exact wording of the lease is confidential but there is a specific clause stating that the agreement is binding whatever happens at The AGPU next Monday. And anyway, Cruisedog will have cashed the cheque by then....

Now look, if no one's going to...

take a picture of me, I'll have to do it myself!

Okay, I know...

when I'm not wanted!

I'm not so sure...

the close-up is a good idea, Broken Man!

Girl talk

Suicide is easy...

'Suicide' hash dawg

Miss Whiplash!

Promise you'll keep our little secret!

This is against my better judgement, but...

I'm much afraid that this boy is going to be a hash star. Aren't you, Mouldy Dick?

All for little me, I think

He's so suave.....

...Isn't he, Two Scoops!

In full Metal Gear Solid mode....

Bobbiball's liquid lunch at The Hop 'n Grapes

"You print that and I'll sue!"

Mismanagement takes the tour

A suspicious little huddle gathers in the foyer of 'Cruisedog Towers'. The legend above the door reads: 'Cruisedog' and is emblazoned in burnished gold against a royal blue ground. The huddle advances as one towards the eerily unmanned reception desk. A small plain plastic sign reveals itself with the logo: 'TVH3' and an upwards pointing arrow. Teapot mutters: "We'll have to change that." "Hello, anyone there?" calls Wigwam. Silence. "Come on, you pillock, we know you're here," shouts an irate Pottsie. "Woof, woof," is heard deep within the impossibly narrow confines of 'Cruisedog Towers'.

The Mismanagement cautiously proceeds along a claustrophobic corridor luridly painted in 'Barbie' pink. "No taste whatsoever!" exclaims the Grand Master. "Oh, I don't know, I think it's quite restful," Wigwam says. An empty cubicle sized room presents itself. "We can use this for 'Links', Rambo observes.

Very soon, the party (hash) arrives at the Penthouse Suite atop 'Cruisedog Towers'. Teapot knocks briskly on the door. No reply. Still irritable, Pottsie tries the door handle. It is locked. "Open up, you pillock, right NOW!" bellows the President. A faint "Woof," is heard far below.

Meanwhile, Teapot has been measuring up and is busy stabbing at his calculator keys. "Well, what do you reckon, Teapot, what's it worth?" enquires Wigwam. "Practically nothing," rasps Teapot, "BUT, it IS in a very good location, and as our main site is being refurbished, I think we should make the idiot an offer...." "How much should we offer him?" Wigwam asks the assemblage. "We'll have to ask McWot how much we've got available." ventures Teapot. The Mismanagement exits 'Cruisedog Towers' and as they depart, a shrill howling is heard. "Quite mad, quite mad," Rambo says sadly.

Tuesday 13 November 2007

The AGPU November 19th

Will be at The Keyberry Hotel, (don't worry - it is a pub) Newton Abbot (at the Penn Inn roundabout, follow directions to Sainsbury's, go past Sainsbury's on your left, under a bridge and The Keyberry is about 400 metres further along on your left), limited car park parking but plenty of spaces to park close by.

We have use of the upstairs function room (scene of the disgraceful 'Wanda cabaret'), real ale (of course) and hash menu is being organised for all our regular gannets/freeloaders.

The hares are: Doc and Bobbiball under the supervision of the Grand Pillock, so a right royal cock-up can virtually be guaranteed. Bobbiball will be attempting a novel approach to the trail which you have not seen for some considerable time (done accidentally but never deliberately).

Voting forms will be handed out at the circle and you will be able to tender them right up to the commencement of the AGPU meeting (despite what it says on the form itself). Please take the trouble to vote, it is your hash, after all, and your views are important. Thankyou, Hon Sec.

Has the penny dropped yet?

This low tech. low budget blog is intended as an extra arm of TVH3 and the official website at (soon to be changed). The website will be undergoing a refit and upgrade now Soapy, Bubbles and Havoc have finished their remarkable walk around our coastline.

There will be more than one administrator for the blog, but all will be posted by the 'cruisedog'. The cruisedog blog (it rhymes!) will be updated at least once a day and last minute information will be posted as soon as it is relayed to any administrator.

The blog has been sanctioned by the Hon. Sec. (Wigwam) and approved by our official spider and webmaster Flowery Twats. Comments will be up and running soon (when Flowery tells me how) and your input will be vital. The first 3 posts on this blog are NOT to be taken seriously (except by certifiable idiots like myself) and should be ignored.

Nice, ain't it?

Calling all Wandas...

Well lads, remember the good old days when I used to regularly make trips to France for you? Here's one of my bases in Houlgate. Eat your hearts out

You know who Cruiser is but..

you didn't know who Precon was until now.....Precon + cruiser = Preconcruiser

Nice to see you back with us Floss

Missing since July, thank gawd you're back Floss, I've got this dodgy molar...

All's well with the world ...

when our R.A. Teapot is happy.

Things have certainly changed...

since we've been away, I see Bluebird's up for Grand Master!

Don't get cocky with me Poacher....

Just because you've got Lurch watching your back!

I'm really sorry about the 'Don't fall off your perch', Lurch!

Hi Lurch!

I think you forgot this....

...from Hope's Nose last week. Thanks Able Semen, my hot chocolate hasn't been the same without nutmeg.

That's much better my son!






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