The buzzard in higher resolution (original uncompressed) video

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Tiny Toad'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Mr Cruisedog on watch'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
My Vixen

YIPPY I OH ... (The sad tale of Boozing Bird Blue)

Mr Cruisedog in his bunk bed


A rare photo of Preconderotous - which this site is named after. Everyone told me that I 'couldn't' name a chihuahua that but it was meant to be. He answered to 'Precon' and his son had half his name - De Rotous ... so long ago has been their passing, but his name lives on for all to see ...

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Saturday 7 June 2008

Ex header pic: Rod and Ronnie....

...'You came back, a man (and woman) like you...why?' Eli Wallach - Mexican Bandit Leader...'The Magnificent Seven' (1960) In my view. (and trust me, I am an expert) the best one liner in the whole film. While Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen were trying to upstage each other, Eli Wallach was easily the most plausible and believable character, and just got on with his role time you watch it, pay attention to Eli whenever he puts his gun in his holster.....he always looks down to check...he had a horror of missing the holster and looking like a right wally!

I've looked at this for ages, but....

...words fail me! The best I can do (on only 2 cans at 1.17 am in the morning) is: 'Headin' for the last roundup' June 2nd

Wednesday 4 June 2008

Inside the Carpenters June 2nd

Zulu (1964)

...remember that closing scene when the Zulus turn round and gradually disappear over the skyline, chanting, and then they are gone and the sounds die away....? No? Well, please yourselves..

There they June 2nd

Little June 2nd

"I got everybody, Dad" June 2nd

Ex header pic: A queen is born....

'Return Of The Wallies' June 2nd

Ex header pic: Big Fight Night....

...starring KC and Monty.....!

Tuesday 3 June 2008

I'd a feeling he wuz goin' to pull a June 2nd

Circle June 2nd

The Great River Crossing 2008 (Swans Nest April 28th)

Able's 50th: Mouldy - aka as Chubby Checker ...

...does the twist with Honeydew......It really was a great evening....thanks Karen xxx

Able's 50th: Birthday girl and Teapot.....

...who dropped by late on to join the party, mindful that he would be away for two whole weeks from his hash, Henry...

Able's 50th: Pork Torpedo and Hornie struttin' their stuff...

Able's 50th: Poach and Honeydew doin' the bump...

Able's 50th: No comment.....

Able's 50th: Karen prepares to cut the cake...

Able's 50th: Smash and Grab looking very glamorous..

Able's 50th: Winfield and Anne....

...I think I've seen that pose before......something to do with cruises?

Able's 50th: It's the way he tells 'em.....

...Melon Picker explains the finer points of the exercise to Ballpoint and Twiggy..

Able's 50th: "Well, I gotta eat, ain't I!"

Able's 50th Birthday Bash.....

Just in! A dozen pics from Karen's 50th last Friday, courtesy of Rambo Technologies Inc. ...try and stagger them all in this evening.....

Circle 3..FOUR long/short splits! June 2nd

Circle 2...another 1234 June 2nd

Speak up June 2nd

Circle 1..over to you June 2nd

It looks bloody dark over June 2nd

Latest rainwear June 2nd

Have to study the Sedgefield card....

...but I'll be back later with more......

Us and June 2nd

Bend my June 2nd

A quick June 2nd

Monday 2 June 2008

The big June 2nd

Givus a June 2nd

Intro June 2nd

Yes, I'm back.....

...with 50 odd vid clips and misc. stills.....give me a chance to put the kettle's going to be a long night (for me, anyway...never go to bed until 3 am) in the Carpenters was iffy and we might not have that many good they say on the trail: "Checking..."

Able's Birthday DD...May 26th

Monday June 2nd details

Sunday 1 June 2008

"Do I look like I've got a sense of humour?"

Ex header pic....

..It's good to be in charge of a Champers Stop....

Ex header pic.....

'Somebody Up There Likes Me' (1956) ...Able reflects on her life of hashing so far....






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