The buzzard in higher resolution (original uncompressed) video

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Tiny Toad'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
'Mr Cruisedog on watch'

Bird Blue's favourites

Bird Blue's favourites
My Vixen

YIPPY I OH ... (The sad tale of Boozing Bird Blue)

Mr Cruisedog in his bunk bed


A rare photo of Preconderotous - which this site is named after. Everyone told me that I 'couldn't' name a chihuahua that but it was meant to be. He answered to 'Precon' and his son had half his name - De Rotous ... so long ago has been their passing, but his name lives on for all to see ...

Strange that Vimeo/YouTube vids ALWAYS work embed. in side panel, but not Blogger!


Saturday 12 January 2008

With a bit of luck, we'll have...

..the first NEW pics of 2008 by this Monday, so be patient for a little longer....

Right, that's it for now, but if.... have a favourite pic which I've missed out, drop me a line at

Best pic 2007 Number 30

Priceless, Archangel, priceless....

Best pic 2007 Number 29

Come on, you KNEW this one would be in!

Best pic 2007 Number 28

The 'siren screech'

Best pic 2007 Number 27

A classic

Best pic 2007 Number 26

'Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess....'


...are there going to be! Not many now, my deluded dissenters......

Best pic 2007 Number 25

Now let me clarify something which doubtless you have been muttering....when we say Best pic '2007' - it is ANY pic shot/posted in 2007.... the above pic though not at the time hash orientated is nevertheless, a collector's item. NEVER before (and hopefully, never again) will there be a pic portraying the two biggest Pillocks the TVH3 has seen.....but you are going to tell me different aren't you?

Best pic 2007 Number 24

If the harriets had seen this beforehand, they would have taken Kerry aside and advised against it.....either devil-may-care or blissfully innocent.....

Best pic 2007 Number 23

'Director's cut' (Wigwam) this one...sub titled: "You talkin' to me?"

Best pic 2007 Number 22

It's a great girl shot made immortal by Fish finger (far left) sliding off her stool just at the critical beauty!

Best pic 2007 Number 21

New one again! Alan May like this one, eh Joe? Sorry, private joke...

It's 12.22 am and I'm ....

...plumb worn out keepin' you all amused....more Best pics to come over the weekend AND perhaps some Tall Tales for your edification....

Best pic 2007 Number 20

Flagrant pose but still a landmark pic....Winfield with 500 badge.....well done Dad.

Best pic 2007 Number 19

Strong contender this one......the image of TVH3 itself. The Great Hash God Himself....and that trumpet is STILL MISSING!

Best pic 2007 Number 18

I've included this one to show you that I do have a sense of humour Melon Picker....grrrrr

Best pic 2007 Number 17

Real action freeze frame of Teapot dispensing TVH3 justice on Wetfart....

Friday 11 January 2008

Best pic 2007 Number 16

YET ANOTHER NEW PIC! I'd left the camcorder running on the table and McWot was intrigued..... a 'natural' pic if ever I saw one....

Best pic 2007 Number 15

ANOTHER never before published pic (I've got loads you haven't seen!) ....the delectable Two Scoops and one of her many expressive looks...especially for Mr Softie...


Back a bit later than I expected, but so much to


I've been working hard, but got to do the chores now... but I'll be back about 11 ish with MORE Best pics...come on, admit it, you're grudgingly beginning to enjoy it now, aren't you?

Best pic 2007 Number 14

Another set of unpublished pics....counts as one choice....bottom pic is Bootsie explaining that someone pinched his dickhead hat on the run, so he doesn't have it to award. Top pic just after Teapot puts it on Bootsies head while he is explaining......good hash fun.

Best pic 2007 Number 13

What hashing is all about...having fun! Pottsie trying vainly to unblock his trumpet (STILL MISSING) as Teapot looks on and the culprit Flip Flop (second right) in stitches....

Best pic 2007 Number 12

Flip Flop just realising what he's said: "I say let the virgins have it free!" A moment of much needed levity on what is supposed to be our 'fun' evening...

Best pic 2007 Number 11

Yes, ANOTHER hitherto unpublished pic... but it's just struck me (as Mike will probably strike me) that it's a classic lookalike of Alf Garnett (last series: In sickness and in health). Come on Mike, laugh, you know you want to!

Best pic 2007 Number 10

Slightly 'staged' but still a moment frozen in time...

Best pic 2007 Number 9

No apologies for this contender....a genuinely virtuoso performance by The Mismanagement Table....

Best pic 2007 number 8

The most dramatic of pics...just prior to the AGPU at The Keyberry Hotel....need I say more?

Best pic 2007 Number 7

One of my favourites...schoolmaster Teapot looking at naughty schoolgirl Hi Di Hi smoking.

Best pic 2007 Number 6

from the Great Barnie Dance Sequence.... poor resolution granted, but a really great action shot.

Best pic 2007 Number 5

"Just like that....."

Best pic 2007 Number 4

I KNOW you're going to complain but I did say BEST PIC and this is a great pic even though I could be slightly biased....the blog is and that is Preconderotous pictured above. Strange name? Yes, named after my yacht which sank off Berry Head in the late 70's...but that's another story....

Best pic 2007 Number 3

Err, sorry, but this one hasn't actually been published before, but it's my game and I'm entering it now! Taken by Flossie and is another 'natural' pic as opposed to a deliberate 'pose'.

Best pic 2007 Number 2

In the Wolborough Inn, Newton Abbot. Another 'natural' freeze frame shot.

Best 2007 Pic Number 1

Doc's pint waved across camcorder and freeze framed for 'accidental' shot.

Be back (live) at around 8.30 pm

this evening...see you later.....

Header pic (above)

I'll tell you later....

AHA! I knew I was right....

....thought I remembered Kermit wearing a large gold chain and here's the pic to prove it a Lord Mayor job? Not that sure....

"Oh please don't ravish me, you beast!"

Evening, vicar....

....aka Pollyfilla or the much better: Polly Fill Her.....

A Doc, a vicar and a Pharoah...

...what a mix!

Thursday 10 January 2008


With the publication of caricatures and the Mismanagement's failure to gain access to the Penthouse Suite of Cruisedog Towers, it is hereby officially stated that the TVH3 Mismanagement will accept no liability or claims for damages resulting from injured feelings/outrage/general disgruntlement arising from ANYTHING published on this 'ere blog.

Signed: Wigwam (hOn Sec(X) )

Yes, we have an in-house...

..cartoonist! Now you can really get worried.....and if they can't sue the newspapers for lot have got no chance! More on the way the above is a kind rendition of Pottsie....others will not be so fortunate.....and we're still searching for Pottsie's trumpet!

My local

Some time ago...the newly thatched Thatched Tavern...lovely in summer

You really must all go to bed now.. I've got to study tomorrow's race form! You've had another dozen pics too! See you tomorrow dudes and dudesses... you know I must be raving mad as there's no one out there (ever!) Night night!

Don't you hate it when....

...Blaster puckers up!

Be very afraid.....

...Bobby and Bluebell will be back at The Keyberry to finish the job this time.....

My god, Hi Di Hi !

..I've just noticed that you're very nearly in that bra!

Not sure what this is all about...

...partaking of the Michael about someone's dancing?

No comment

Hi Di Hi, Duncan and Gazunder....

...with Wickdipper and Wigwam to the rear.

A golden oldie for you.....

....Cums Too Late (foreground) and my sister Bluebell (background)

Just finished all the chores... much to do, so little..... well, Ive finished now and I'm ready to roll...I know you're dying to see what I've got for's a bit like the 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread isn't it? You keep on expecting me to produce pic after pic after.... sigh.....

Wednesday 9 January 2008

Just been down the road for...

A couple, (really) get back to you for some late night entertainment......know you get in very late Wigwam, judged by your e mailing!

All together now....ohhhhhhh!

....Isn't he cute? Come on, I said I wanted ANY pics...if they are hashers, we'll print 'em...what do you say...what do you say? Tell you what....bring your pic to me any Monday and I'll scan/save/print them and return your pic safely to you....I can't say fairer than that, surely....

And don't call me Sh.... oh, you've heard that one before have you....well please yourselves...

Bobby wants jam on it....

....seemingly in pursuit of Twisted Tart........jam....tart....get it? I don't know why I bother sometimes...

I've got two questions Kermit....

...what the hell are you doing and what exactly are you meant to be? (Seem to remember you wearing large gold chain...were you Dick Whittington, Lord Mayor?)

Hi Di Hi's belly dance is....

...keeping Duncan amused....

When something goes right....

...something somewhere else goes wrong....apologies Cinderfella and Melvin.....I have received your comments but am unable to edit, publish or reject them at the moment...the panel has frozen on me. Anyone else who wants to post comments, please hold fire until I locate the problem....sorry again. I don't know if Lark's Vomit has been trying to put the boot in (he promised he would on Monday!) and perhaps it's him who has broken the blog! Larks, email me at if you are having problems....okay?

I do not belieeeve it!

Just put Mouldy and Wicky pic header in and the text over the pic has come back! Well, that's 'andy 'Arry, pop it in the oven....

Tuesday 8 January 2008

I've had an enquiry.....

...5000 WHAT? We are now urgently trying to trace the origin of this enquiry.....the culprit may have given us a vital clue.....


...for the return (in good order only) of Pottsie's trumpet (pictured above)

Gone for a Burton!

With no respect whatsoever, the above Wally delivered the awards with Torquay STILL playing...Torquay 1 Burton A 2 yes, I can see you enjoyed that you Melon...






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